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We consider our responsibilities to extend beyond our residents; we take into account the needs of the entire family and serve them according to The Maplewood Way. We strongly encourage family members to visit, spend time with their loved one, and experience for themselves the distinct difference of The Maplewood.

Distinctly Different
24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care

Why Maplewood?

The Maplewood is a caring and elegant home where residents live and live well. We are a center of excellence in care, designed to elevate the whole-family experience—one that creates cherished memories while you’re here, and provides peace of mind when you’re not. 

Rooms, common spaces, dining areas—all of the spaces at The Maplewood are designed for the enjoyment and benefit of residents, their families, and their friends. We believe the details matter—decor with warm elegance, restaurants with ambience as welcoming as the wait staff, cozy gathering spots for family moments, as well as larger gathering spaces for life-enriching activities. We’re designed to make the most of every moment.

A Tradition of Caring

Nursing Home Visit Checklist


Get our free evaluation tool. It’s designed to help you find the best home for your loved one. Created by nursing home veterans, it  covers every aspect of long-term care, including details that most people don’t realize they should evaluate. It’s perfect for guiding you though one or multiple nursing home tours.

Uncommon Living

The Maplewood’s lifestyle revolves around our commitment to excellence for the entire family. Residents and visiting family members receive everything they need for a comfortable, pleasurable experience. The staff fully embrace their responsibility to the residents. Everything we do at The Maplewood is intentionally designed to allow residents to flourish and meet their full potential. We invite you to experience the living options we offer for your elderly loved one.




Caring For You

We're here to take care of you by providing exceptional personalized care all day, every day.




From The Maplewood Blog


The Maplewood Handy Club was created to provide a new recreation offering to residents who enjoy working with tools. The club has really taken off and we now have several handy men and women who attend every week and work with volunteers to build activity boards. This little girl is happily checking out her new activity board with one of our club volunteers. 

Read more about the club and their exciting work. 

The Maplewood Story

For over 70 years, we've been providing distinctly different care. Learn more about our philosophy and approach.

Featured Article


Political, social, and technological debates span a multitude of issues. At the forefront is the question of privacy. Who owns your data? Who can see your shopping behaviors? Should your employer monitor your activities on social media?

While these are issues for our government to solve, at The Maplewood, we are deeply invested in the issue of privacy as it relates to our residents and their families.

There are three key areas in which we think about the privacy of our residents: safety, dignity, and fulfillment. In this article, we explain what each one of those means to us.

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